Lactobacillus Reuteri Gyn-Probiotic Capsule Powder 0.5g * 14 PCs

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The product utilizes 3.2×109 CFU lactobacillus reuteri strains to exponentially proliferate and guard vaginal benign flora bio-system. Micro-polysaccharide welan gum capsule shell to function as oxidation and moisture-proof seal with accurate and controlled-releasing. 3 strains of symbiosis and mutual facilitation guarantee the wellness of vaginal cavity ecology. Compounded with dipeptide to fulfill inner vaginal lining cells and infuse vitality and block aging related factors.

Recommend matching use with the instant vaginal erosion relieving capsule from the Interior Immunity series to immediately relieve and settle gynecological problems.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: 14 capsules per box; 1 capsule per usage.

Direction of usage: Wash your hands before usage. Lie down and push the capsule into vagina down toward cervix with your index finger. Capsules will dissolve at a temperature of 37 body temperature.  Sanitary pads can be used if leakage occurs due to severe erosion. No need to remove capsule after complete absorption.

Cautions: For vagina use only. Can be used daily.

Stop using during menstruation.Should discomfort occurs, discontinue usage, and consult with your health care provider.