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Lazgote(France) is a high-end medical beauty skin and body care brand from France,founded in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris in 2013. Launched by an elite group of physician’s members charted by S.F.C.E (Societe Francaise de Chirurgie Esthetique), the French Medical Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association, the products were initially used for postoperative facial and body care in registered medical beauty institutes. Due to the market demand later on, the products were approved by Agence Francaise de SecuriteSanitaire des Produits de Sante: (AFSSAPS) and open to be sold over the counter in 2015. The brand strictly applies forefront lab technology and skin health laboratory research and statistics, consistently updates facial and feminine series for post-operation and daily beauty care. With high-end precision instruments, cutting-edge science and technology and research data, combined with triple internationally accredited ingredients, Lazgote continuously provides safe, highly efficient facial, body, and feminine beauty series with sustainable multidimensional effectiveness.
The brand's initial collection includes Laser Clinical for facial brightening, Radio Frequency and Beam Therapy for privates whitening. It pioneeringly adopted the double lyophilization technology of both powder and flocs, which can highly secure active ingredients and perfectly adapt to post-operation skin care. The series were directly supplied to S.F.C.E registered medical beauty institutes in Paris region. In the same year, laboratory data confirmed that applying Lazgote series for daily skin care can also deliver highly effective outcomes. The team then went on to update the iteration of their products “Plasty Method” of vaginal tightening and “Hygiene Lab” feminine care wash, using activated testis stem cell extract PDRN for regenerating and repairing pelvic floor muscles. Applying instant injection gel and long-acting restoring suppository to double enhance the firmness and youthfulness of vagina muscle and tissue function. The latest series of "Interior Immunity" for female vagina health, which adopts 100 billion magnitude of vaginal benign bacterial proliferation strains, combined with nano pulse controlled-releasing powder technology, can instantly relieve and provide long-term internal care for vaginal ecology.
Ever since its establishment, Lazgote has been quickly sought after by the market in France and EU countries, and then adjusted from exclusively for medical institutes to market accessible medical beauty products.

In the year of its debut, the brand was ranked top 10 medical beauty care brands in <French Fashion and Health>. The brand tapped the North American e-commerce market the following year with net sales of more than 45 million dollors, delivering a steady growth rate ever since. The classic “

Laser Clinical Derma Blanc” and “Plasty Method” surged sales of $90 million next year. “Plasty Method” was nominated the season No 1 sales record of adult caring brand on Amazon in North America. Product data was collected in EUDAMED. "Beam Therapy" series was quoted as the top recommendation of feminine care products by the Journal "Biomedicine" of the European Health and Medical Commission. The brand entered the Japanese and South Korean markets in 2018, offering direct supply for postoperative care in Japan's Shinjuku beauty clinic District and South Korea's Jiangnan Apguting Medical institutes area. In 2019, the utilization rate of mentioned medical institutes exceeded 78%. The coverage rate of departments exceeded 97.4%, and the follow-up tracking data of products showed that nearly 95.8% of the users had re-purchase behavior. In 2020, the brand officially entered the Chinese mainland market and exclusively offers product lines towards medical beauty care institutes.



EDQM: (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare)
EMA: (European Medicines Agency)
FDA: (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Science and technology escorted beauty reviver.

 We are committed to apply cutting-edge lab science and technology in clinic body care development. Uniting the most up to date medical beauty research achievements, specifically for treating postoperative skin and daily body care. We believe that high-tech scientific approaches decipher the code of beauty revival.