Intravaginal Instant Feminine Tightening Gel 3g*7 PCs

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The product Instantly tightens virginal inner muscle and tissue to provide highly sensitive sensation with lasting efficacy over 48 hours. Using 3 penetrating oligopeptide to fully plump and effectively tighten inner vagina within 1 hr and stem cells PDRN cellularly rejuvenate vaginal pubic muscle. 9 layers of penetration via DDS technology with progressive tightening effects, delivering burst of intercourse pleasure. A single shot provides tight filling sense in 1 hour, which leads to orgasm inducing effect for the following 48 hours.

Recommend matching use with the repairing pessaries from the Plasty Method series to achieve long lasting ultimate vaginal tightening effect.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: 7 shots per box; 1 shot per usage.

Direction of usage: Before intercourse, take out 1 single unit, remove the top white lid, slowly insert the thruster into the vagina, gently push the injection rod to distribute the firming essence into the vagina.

Cautions: Can be used daily. Stop using during menstruation. Should discomfort occurs, discontinue usage, and consult with your health care provider.