Feminine Anti-Pruritic Powder 0.5g * 14 PCs

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The product utilizes Nano high-pressured pulse system to instantaneous coagulate active components, forming ultrafine powder particles to perfectly cling to erosion lesions to chronically repair and offers anti-inflammatory effect. Extracts from Myanmar RESINA DRACONIS, Eucalyptus globulus and turmeric to steadily repair lesions and chronically function as anti-inflammatory against cervix erosion.

Recommend matching use with the Lactobacillus reuteri gyne-probiotic capsule powder from the Interior Immunity series to optimal settle gynecological problems.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: 14 capsules per box; 1 capsule per usage.

Direction of usage: Wash your hands before usage. Lie down or keep 1 foot up to push the capsule into vagina down toward cervix with your index finger. Capsules will dissolve at a body temperature of 37 ℃. Sanitary pads can be used if leakage occurs due to severe erosion. No need to remove capsule after complete absorption.

Cautions: For vagina use only. Can be used daily. Stop using during menstruation. Should discomfort occurs, discontinue usage, and consult with your health care provider.