Everlasting Regenerating Pelvic Restoration Pessaries 0.5g * 14 PCs

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This product uses DDS transdermal technology, which increases the instant absorption efficiency by more than 800%. Highly concentrated PDRN 10000PPM stem cells, while repairing genes, have zero allergic stimulation and significantly tighten the pectineal muscle. Triple muscle protein, enriches and strengthens the internal vaginal muscle tissue. Repair the virgin internal muscles and restore the "virgin touch" again.

Recommended to be used with the Plasty Method range of instant vaginal tightening gels for ultimate long-lasting vaginal tightening results.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: 14 capsules per box; 1 capsule per usage.

Directions for usage: It is recommended to use 1 pessary every 24-48 hours. Use 30 minutes before bed. Lie down and use your index finger to push the pessary into the base of your vagina. The pessary will dissolve at a temperature of 37°C. Some women with gynecological inflammation may experience excessive fluid discharge. If leakage occurs, use a sanitary napkin. Reduce walking activities to prevent the pessary from falling off. No need to remove once completely dissolved.

Cautions: For vaginal use only. Can be used every day, stop using during menstruation. If discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.