Double Extract Lyophilized Feminine Rosy T Mask

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The product utilizes double supported technology: Tri-Pals (Tri-protein activity locked system)progressive targeting dry frozen technology and 6 million micro-droplets precise wrapping-up technology, creating 6 million activating essence evenly distributed in nm. matrix unit. The “T” shape plys-up and holographically infiltrating vulva area to actively whitening and rejuvenating the private area. Recommend  matching use with xlyophilized powder and floccule from the Beam Therapy series to achieve ultimate pinky velvet touch of vulva area.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: 7 units per box (including 7 bottles of original solution); 1 bottle/daily dosage.

Direction of usage: 1) Pour sodium hyaluronate into the lyophilized T mask, rock it gently to soak it thoroughly, then apply the 'T' mask to the vulva area. 2) Usage time: Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with water or gently massage until complete absorption. 


Cautions: For external usage only. Can be used daily, avoid menstruation.