Double Extract Lyophilized Brightening Twin Pack

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The product utilizes double supported technology: PALS: Vacuo freeze-dry lockup technology (instantly preserve activated antioxidant essence), and BDCR: Bipolar directional controlled releasing technology conveys anti-pigment motivator accurately when dissolve. (Precisely target dermic melatonin) to achieve laser-accurate brightening efficiency. Recommend matching use with lyophilized facial mask from the Laser Clinical series to achieve ultimate whitened skin glow.

Instructions and cautions

Specifications: Single pairing 7 ml for 3-day use. Each box contains 12 pairs.

Direction of usage: 1) Mix bottle 1 of lysozyme solution into bottle 2 of lyophilized essence, gently shake to dissolve it. Let it settle for 5 min and then apply it on vulva skin.  2) Applying time: Apply both in the morning and evening. 3-5 drops each time, each pair for 3 days, each box of 10 pairs for 30 days.

Cautions: Need to be stored in the fridge compartment after mixing. In case no refrigerator, it should be sealed and stored in cold water. The fresh-keeping period is 7 days post unsealing and pairing.